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Anonymous asked:
Also read this, it's all about intimidation by yes campaigners. dailymail*co*uk/news/article-2760039/Salmond-s-bullies-hit-blind-man-face-just-supporting-No-campaign*html

I’ll check it out when I can because I’m answering from my phone. From what I’ve heard, the no campaign have also been doing similar things, telling people to vote no and telling people lies. Scaremongering doesn’t help either; don’t get me wrong, I am not saying any of campaigns are doing so but they have been accused on both sides of it. I believe that both sides, at one point or another, have both been a bit forceful to voters to get what they want for our country? Like I said though, I am the worst person to discuss this with.


Anonymous asked:
What bothers me about the whole thing is how cagey Salmond and the SNP have been. "What's your plan b on currency?" "We don't need a plan b, we're using the pound" "But Westminster said you can't have a currency union, and using the pound without one would be a bad idea" "Don't care, we're still using it". He can never give a straight answer to anything, it's been proved that they lied/misled over multiple issues (such as the legal advice thing). It seems it's "independence, at any cost" tbh.

Yes, these are some of the issues about why I’m on the fence more than a definite yes. I believe it is not that bad of an issue if Scotland isn’t allowed to use the British Pound. If I am correct in saying, money from the bank of Scotland isn’t accepted in a majority of shops and such in England? Correct me if I’m wrong in saying that. The yes campaign say that England would not take the pound from us because they would still like to trade with us. Of course, they have said we aren’t allowed to use it. I suppose this is something we will find out in the near future, considering the outcome of the referendum tomorrow morning, of course. Currency isn’t too big of an issue for me, personally. The majority of people who I know that are voting, are voting yes. I am swaying more towards a yes, mainly because I am proud to be Scottish. I was born and raised here and this is something that our ancestors fought and died for at Culloden battlefield and failed to gain and all we have to do now is put an X in a box next to the yes option. I don’t know if that’s a dumb reason to be swayed towards yes or not but that’s how I feel. I’ve heard people say that they want independence and are voting no because they feel we are not ready at this moment in time but we may never get a chance to do this again.
I’m probably the worst person to have a political discussion with though. This is just my opinion on it, I’m on the fence about the whole thing I guess.


I’m worried about what the outcome of the Scottish Independence Referendum will be. I’m not sure what I want to happen as I’m kind of on the fence about the whole thing. I think that Scotland would do so well as it’s own country but there is obviously a huge debate about that from the no campaign. I used to outright agree with the no campaign but I’ve changed my mind in the past few months. I can see the issues and the benefits of getting independence but I think I’d much rather Scotland go independent in the long term; of course there will be no immediate changes to how we live or anything like that but I think Scotland will be a better country for it. If you look at other countries that have voted independence, they are doing well. Personally, I’m hoping that we will gain independence.


things i need to do:

  • clean my room
  • get a college degree
  • learn how to have healthy relationships
things i want to do:
  • play with puppies and kittens
  • find someone cute to cuddle and make out with
  • drive to the ocean
things i actually am doing:
  • taking subpar selfies
  • running a semi successful blog
  • listening to sad songs and watching too much netflix

9 photos of Sherlock era Onew

i love msi so much haha! i was obsessed with them when i was like 15. i’ve seen/met them a few times, they’re so lovely. jimmy is hilarious. steve is a sweetheart. omg yes, lots of tissues! you’ll defos need them. the ice cream won’t go amiss either~

Oh wow! That’s so cool, my sister seen MSI live because they were the opening act for My Chemical Romance and she said that Steve was drunk and talking to her, he even asked her for some Irn Bru hahah. I want to meet them. I will go out and buy loads of tissues right before I start reading the book then for preparation lmao~

36/1000 pics of Choi Minho
36/1000 pics of Choi Minho