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minho + smile /// requested by mincrazy

muffin head Pt.2

um so I have to post 6 of my favourite selcas because I was tagged by tokkipup! I apologise for my face omg, I am so sorry. I don’t even know, my face is just the worst. I think I have to explain them all?? right okay 

  1. I took that because I stayed up all night and I was bored so I thought “yay half faced selcas at 6 in the morning”
  2. In class I took my friend’s flower crown, enough said. She also photobombed me. 
  3. I thought my eyeliner game was strong af that day
  4. oh man, just before I got drunk for the first time ever. Fun day, I met my crush that day. Thank god I wasn’t wearing that clothing. Oh wait, no makeup too omg.
  5. I took a photo of myself with my hair the way it is naturally, super curly. Aren’t you glad I straighten my hair now? 
  6. I was trying to get a photo of my new hair colour, it looks weird in photos. 

I have no idea who to tag omg. Um.. I think zeitao, kimkibottom, taebody and like whoever else wants to do this??? but you don’t have to do it or anything just like, idk who to tag. 



Sometimes, things just cannot go easily. And because of you, I'm holding the 2nd box of tissues.

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