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Hello! My name is Caitlin and this is my blog dedicated to a group of five idiots otherwise known as SHINee. I hope you have a nice day

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how to take off your tie like a sexy mofo

how to take off your tie like a sexy mofo


"You’re not fat."
But my thighs touch.
And my stomach goes over my belt.
And bracelets leave marks.
And shorts squeeze my legs.
And my shirt is tight around my stomach.
My sleeves suffocate my arms.
You can’t see my collarbones.
I don’t have abs.
My bones don’t stick out.
I am fat. Everything I am is fat.

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↳  asked by shineebabo : jongyu or onho

SHINee - Dream Girl // Choreography appreciation edit

019 | 100 Photos de Kim Kibum

019 | 100 Photos de Kim Kibum

[1/∞] favorite appearances on TV